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Are you working from home? Have you got the correct set up? 25% off Bespoke Ergonomics service

Sitting at the kitchen table (or worse!) for the odd day is fine but doing so long term without the right set up can wreak havoc on our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Robin Kiashek Osteopath, who has had a clinic in Linen Hall, Regent Street for the past 14 years and has more than 25 years’ experience, is definitely seeing more patients with problems such as lower back pain, neck strain and headaches. 

Which is why he launched a Bespoke Ergonomics service. All done via Zoom, Robin takes a patient history in an initial consultation and then reviews your home working set up and provides pointers on how it can be improved.  For an additional fee, he can write a formal report for your employer to support a request for equipment. 

Robin is offering fellow Crown Estate tenants a 25% discount on the basic service during November.  So, that’s just £97.50 to make sure that your home working set up is safe and not likely to cause you problems in the future.   

Call 020 8815 0079 or request an appointment here.  Please quote CROWNESTATE to receive your discount.