More re-use, less waste

More re-use, less waste – Bitesize Session

The session will give you an introduction to a circular way of thinking and the value using second-hand items has on both people and the planet.

This session will be beneficial if your business is setting ambitious sustainability targets such as reducing the volume of waste, improving recycling and supporting communities. The webinar will be hosted by May Al – Karooni, the CEO and founder of successful re-use platform Globechain and Debra Yardley from Young Barnet Foundation, who work to inspire and improve the lives of young people.

May provides an introduction to the topic with case study examples of re-use success stories. Debra then discusses the important work of the charity, the positive impact of donated items and how they have worked with Globechain to make use of unwanted items. 


May Al-Karooni, founder and CEO of Globechain

Debra Yardley, Fundraising Manager – Young Barnet Foundation 





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