New West End Company – providing security on Regent Street

New West End Company is a business partnership of 600 UK & international retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and property owners in the world’s top shopping and leisure destination anchored by Bond StreetOxford Street and Regent Street. One of its prime commitments is through its street management services, ensuring that the West End is a clean, safer and welcoming place to visit.

New West End Company provides a 24/7 capability of on street security, comprising of 11 day-time security guards, who respond to all Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour concerns across Regent Street. These range from begging, shoplifting, aggressive behaviour, and the team are often the first responders to medical emergency incidents.

Covering late evenings into the early hours of the morning are 6 K9 dog patrols which aim to overcome complex organised attacks such as ‘smash and grab’ offences, occuring often at high end stores. The K9 dog patrols also offer support to many 24/7 control rooms in the area, providing additional back up to the existing security teams of many businesses.

The security teams also recognise the impact of rough sleeping on the area, and with this offer outreach services to every street population they come across by guiding them to day centres through The Connections At St Martins and overnight help through St Mungos charity. Finally the team enhance the customer experience, guiding both domestic and international visitors, to key iconic locations and transport hubs across the area. 

New West End Security works very closely with the Metropolitan Police Service, through timely intelligence sharing on crime trends and supporting local patrols, ensuring high visibility patrols across the district. In addition, the team have strong partnerships with multiple agencies including neighbouring BIDs and JLL, allowing them to work on both localised and London wide information. Through this they can make informed decisions on patrol patterns and react in a timely manner to any emerging threats that could impact any Regent Street businesses. 

To contact any of our place management services please download the NWEC Security Card





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