Recycle your clothes for a sustainable future with H&M Group

In a time where the fashion industry has started to weigh heavily on natural resources, textiles should never be thrown away. Textiles can be recycled and returned to the circular fashion loop, or repaired to be donated to charity. 

H&M was the first brand to launch this initiative at a full scale, with garment-collecting boxes in all stores around the world. The ambition has always been to make it as easy as possible for the customers to give their garments a new life. When you drop off your unwanted textiles in a H&M store (just ask for the garment-collecting box, often located next to the cash desks), you’ll get rewarded with a voucher. 

You can drop off clothes and textiles from ANY brand in ANY condition to ANY of the H&M group stores: H&M, & Other Stories, Arket and more. 





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