Winners at JLL’s Responsible Property Management awards

JLL hosted their annual Responsible Property Management Awards, there are a variety of categories from best energy and utility management to best health and well-being. We are delighted to announce we were chosen as the winners of the two categories below.

Best Waste Management- Heddon Street Recycling Scheme

Our team managing Heddon Street trialled a consolidated waste recycling scheme with the aim to eliminate bags on the street and increase the recycling rates. Achievements of this scheme:

-Removed waste bags from the street, improving the overall environment and reducing vermin

-Consolidated the number of waste contractors and collections, reducing vehicles and congestion.

-Increase in recycling from 5% to 40%.

Best Client Team of the Year- FM bespoke customer engagement initiative to recycle food waste, eliminate single-use plastic and consolidate waste recycling.

Three of RSMD’s Facilities Managers undertook separate projects to positively influence occupiers’ behaviour. There projects were to improve the recycling rates by consolidating recycling: reducing single-use plastics by distributing reusable bottles to occupiers; and engaging with businesses to sustainably manage food waste and coffee grounds. This scheme has:

-Eradicated bags from the street and reduced vehicle movements

-Removed approximately 121,000 plastic cups from use a year

-Increase from 43% to 62% recycling rate from October 2018 to April 2019.

We are also pleased to announce that JLL are planting a tree in recognition of the winners, finalists and all the entrants of the RPM awards- 79 trees in total will be planted.





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