Would you like to volunteer with our partner charities?

Volunteering is an important part of our Sustainability programme and we can help you to organise your company’s volunteering days with our partner charities.

The Connection

Volunteer at The Connection’s support centre at St. Martins in the Field. There are two spaces each Thursday from 11.15 – 13.15 where you can help the charity who to provide immediate relief from homelessness and long-term support leading to housing, work and independence for those in Westminster. 


Volunteer at The Fareshare Distribution centre from 08.45 – 17.00 as part of your company’s volunteering day or take part in the Fareshare Food Hero Challenge. Fareshare are the UK’s leading charity that is fighting food waste and hunger.  Please get in touch with us to organise this.

More Information

Please get in touch with the Sustainability team for guidance and advice.





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