Art installation by MTArt Artists Walter & Zoniel for St James’s and The Crown Estate

This art installation commissioned by St James’s is a retrospective of a live installation previously presented during the Liverpool Biennial and Art Basel Miami. It features jellyfish that float in a peaceful and hypnotic manner.

The exhibition will be publicly available at St James’s Market Pavilion until the end of Frieze Week (16 October 2022).

More about the exhibition:

Twisting the name, the artwork references Damien Hirst’s 1991 shark tank artwork titled ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’. “As darkness fell, unpublicised and unexplained, the shutters of a boarded up building opened, exhibiting hundreds of live jellyfish existing within. The artists’ gift of surreality was welcomed into the heart of the neighbourhood. As first discoverers of the wonder shared their tales, word spread
rapidly, through the social wealth of the community, drawing thousands to this area, to see with their own eyes.”

More about the Artists:

Both Walter and Zoniel have practiced art since childhood. They started their joint practice as ‘Walter & Zoniel’ in 2014.Walter & Zoniel are a young, British, artist duo. They live, work, sleep, breathe, eat and create together, twenty-four hours a day.

Walter & Zoniel’s work deals predominantly with the human relationship to the sublime, manifesting in a dynamic range of physical and immersive forms. Through these means they explore everyday access points to the sublime, and the manner in which we allow or disallow ourselves these experiences. Their studies materialise in works exploring our relationships with nature, the cosmos, the cellular, the social, identity, and awareness. Through immersive installations they playfully utilise fun and surrealism as tools to access deeper layers of their subject matter, inspiring viewers to
engage in further explorations of their own.





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