Crosstown is adding a brand new product line with the launch of Crosstown Ice Cream!

Crosstown, makers of London’s award-winning sourdough doughnuts, is launching a range of ice creams, crafted in small batches using the finest seasonal ingredients.

The new range of ice creams are available in-store and for on-demand delivery across London from 16th July, with dairy and vegan options. Flavours which include Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant (ve), Salted Treacle and Mint Stracciatella, are crafted using traditional methods to create real flavour and a smooth, silky finish.

From Thursday 16th July, three of Crosstown’s stores will feature new scoop bars, serving up the freshly made ice cream alongside doughnuts and speciality coffee. Scoops can be purchased in cones and cups. There will also be the option to add homemade toppings inspired by Crosstown’s award-winning doughnut flavours. These include their signature vanilla bean crumble, chocolate soil and sprinkles. Customers will also have the option to take home 500ml tubs from the store or order them online on demand.

“Working with really high-quality ingredients is what we do best. We’re using handpicked elderflower from the English countryside, 70% Jamaican Pump Street Chocolate and crafting our own oat milk to satisfy the taste buds of London in true Crosstown style. We’ve always believed that ice cream would be the perfect addition to the Crosstown line-up. Now we can offer up a delicious summer option that perfectly complements our offer of handmade doughnuts and specialty coffee.” says JP Then,
Crosstown Co- Founder.





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