Sustainability in action


There are lots of waste streams to help you recycle as much as possible: Mixed Recycling, General Waste, Glass, Food, Coffee Grounds, Batteries, Toners, Electrical Waste, and IT waste.

Join our Recycling Network where we share lessons learnt and case studies so that you can see how others have achieved success, or download our Recycling Toolkit to get started straight away. We also offer a complimentary survey with recommendations to help you improve your recycling.


All landlord electricity and gas supplies that we procure are 100% renewable. To find out more information about the supplies click here

You can switch your own energy supply to renewable through our complimentary re-tendering service. Our energy consultant will negotiate contracts and assist you in securing a competitive renewable energy contract to reduce your carbon footprint and very often your energy cost.

We also offer a complimentary lighting survey to help you switch to LED. The survey will produce a budget covering the cost of installing LED’s and the carbon and monetary savings of doing so.


We can help you organise your company’s volunteering day doing a Beach Clean on the shore of the River Thames or at the FareShare food distribution centre.

We would also recommend volunteering with our local charity, Age UK Westminster who offer a range of services to empower older people to understand their rights and lead more fulfilling and socially active lives. 

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is all about keeping resources in use for as long as possible and reducing waste from being produced.

There are lots of ways to integrate circular economy principles including: procuring second-hand furniture, buying products made from recycled materials that can be recycled at their end of life or using your purchasing power to demand re-usable and refillable items.


Regent Street is part of a project called Wild West End which encourages wildlife to the area by creating green spaces on the roofs. By encouraging invertebrates back to the area we have seen the return of indigenous bats and birds such as the Black Redstart. Watch this short film to find out more 

You can also join us in the Summer with the Regent Street beekeeper at our roof top apiary and put on a bee suit for an hour to find out about our urban bees who have lived on Regent Street since 2009. 

More Information

Please get in touch with the Sustainability team for guidance and advice.





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